Private lessons
Kids & Adults

Whether you are alone, with friends or your family - private lessons provide a thorough learning experience. Because of its flexible and individually created lesson plan by your personal instructor your learning experience is optimized. Why not use the morning course (8.50 - 9.50 am) on free and freshly groomed slopes!

Our offer

  • Alpine Skiing - for adults and children in all age- and ability groups
  • Carving - Fun and Action, Cutting Edges without ski poles
  • Snowboard - Freeriding, Freestyle, Jumps and Boardercross

Subject to changes due to the special situation

Private or group instructors can be booked either for children or adults (children from 12 years). No mixed groups possible!

COURSE DURATIONup to 2 persons*
1 hour€ 100
1.5 hours€ 145
2 hours€ 180
3 hours€ 275
4 hours€ 330
*additional person€ 30

During main holidays we recommend a reservation in advance

Registration at the Main office. Last minute registration possible also at our ski school office in the "Kid´s World" in the ski area (top station 2).

If you have not registered and paid for your pre-booked course at least 1 day prior to the beginning of the course, your reservation may be cancelled.

If guests arrive late, the course will still end at the scheduled time (no refund)!


10 minutes before courses start Gathering area 2 (exit mountain station left, in front of the Kid’s Park). Please be on time!

Welcome off the slopes

Experience the freedom of unprepared skiing areas with the highest degree of safety! Our experienced mountain guides and ski instructors introduce you to the skill of freeride skiing off piste and open the doors to a new winter wonderland.

We also offer seminars for snow and avalanche safety including the correct use of avalanche beepers etc.

For skiers who seek new challenges! We will take you off piste into safe unprepared skiing areas. Especially trained ski instructors share their secrets of off piste skiing. Once you grasped the correct technique you will feel like skiing on cloud nine!


1 - 2 persons

1 - 2 persons

additional person


2 hours

4 hours



€ 240,--

€ 380,--

€ 40,--

* Subject to changes due to the special situation

Book online

5% Early-Booking-discount on group lessons

* when booking min. 4 weeks before start of course


Skifahren spielend leicht erlernt
Skigebiet Kaltenbach - Hochzillertal
Snowboard Unterricht mit der Skischule Optimal
Snowboardunterricht im Skigebiet Kaltenbach - Hochzillertal
Freies Gelände im Skigebiet Kaltenbach