Group Course

Snowboarding Group Course

Experience the fascination of snowboarding. Discover a completely new feeling on and off piste. To live this feeling to the fullest, it is important to learn the snowboarding basics right from the start.

Our Snowboard instructors are perfectly trained to pass on the basic snowboarding skills to beginners and share their tricks with the more advanced boarders. We offer Group- or Private Lessons for all levels of skill:


Gliding, Drift turn, taking the ski lift, correct behaviour on the ski slopes, easy terrain


Improve drift turns, weight changing, Carving (first feeling on edges), Freestyle (simple tricks and jumps), intermediate terrain!


Smooth Carving, jumps of all variations, all slopes and terrains, powder, half-pipe, race technique etc.

  • Snowboarden lernen, Skischule Optimal
  • Snowboardschule, Kaltenbach Skischule
  • Kaltenbach Skischule Optimal, Snowboarden

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