Ability Groups

1) Beginners - first days on skis

Saftey training, Snowplow, Breaking and Stopping, Balance Exercises, Basic Position, Training Terrain, Gliding

2) Turns - Snowplow - Ski Lift

Change of Direction, first turns, learning to use the ski lift, glide on edges, crossing, alpine behaviour

3) Carving Basics

Making turns, using the mountain side edge of the ski, introduction Carving, easy red slopes, variations in choice of terrain, track, radius, rhythm and speed

4) Parallel Skiing - Carving Basics

in steering parallel held skis, use of ski poles, synchronized change of use of ski edges, turning and steering the skis, long and short radius, Advanced Carving, Tempo control

5) Carving

Dynamic change of direction, sportively confident and safe control of skis, perfectioning of technique, long and short radius, additional Carving exercises and techniques, improving the use of ski edges, precise turns

6) Top Group

Flexible use of appropriate technique depending on terrain and snow condition. Technique Tuition for: entering steep slopes, mogul runs, powder downhills, "firn" snow downhills

Recommended Material

  • Ski length: Beginners, approx chest height
  • Advanced approx. shoulder height
  • Professionals approx. chin height +/- 10 cm


  • slight raise of stands

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Skischule Optimal, Skikurse für Erwachsene

Course Start: (Adults)

  • Sunday or Monday
  • Beginner groups (as of 8 persons) daily

Course hours:

10.00 - 12.00 and 13.15. - 15.15

Grouping of students:

30 minutes before courses start at the gathering area 2 (SAMMELPLATZ 2 – exit mountain station left, at the Kid’s Park) PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL!

Gathering area:

Sammelplatz 2 (exit mountain station left)


Postfeldstraße 36
6272 Kaltenbach
Zillertal | Tirol | Austria
Tel.: +43 5283 2069


Skischool Office
In Kaltenbach, directly at the parking area bottom station Hochzillertal